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Students participate in Pet Therapy at the Barnes Center at The Arch.

When you're physically and emotionally healthy, you'll have an easier time learning, both in and out of the classroom.

As the hub for student wellness, the Barnes Center at The Arch features programs, services and offerings that promote holistic health and well-being, all in one accessible, centralized space on campus.

The mission of the Barnes Center at The Arch health and wellness team is to provide quality integrated wellness services and programs, which support a holistic and inclusive student-centered experience promoting lifelong growth and development.

At the Barnes Center at The Arch, all are encouraged and empowered to ‘Be Well’ in their own unique, ever-evolving wellness journey. This holistic wellness approach encompasses mind, body, spirit and community. Exploration is encouraged by a variety of activities, resources and services available to meet unique health and wellness interests, schedules and goals. Highlights include:

Learn more about health and wellness resources on the Barnes Center at The Arch website.

Tobacco-Free Campus

To help ensure a healthy, productive, respectful environment, Syracuse University provides a smoke- and tobacco-free campus.