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Shot overlooking the city of Syracuse.

Cultivate a spirit of freedom and independence by choosing off-campus living at Syracuse University and explore all the Syracuse area has to offer.

Tips When Considering Off-Campus Housing

When making the decision to move off campus, be thorough in your preparation and search process. Below are some highlights, and you can find complete details on the Student Living website.

Searching for Housing

Finding a place to live off campus can be both an exciting and stressful experience. The Apartment and Off-Campus Student Living team hosts the Off-Campus Housing Search website. This resource supports expediting the off-campus housing search process in addition to connecting Syracuse University students seeking roommates and subleasing opportunities.

Signing Your Lease

Carefully review the lease before signing, as it will include everything expected of the tenant and details of what the landlord will provide. Undergraduate students have access to Student Legal Services as part of their student fee and are encouraged to have the lease reviewed by an attorney prior to signing. Visit the Student Living Lease Signing Process webpage for complete details.

Safety and Transportation

Living off campus means an increased responsibility for personal safety. This includes personal safety such as utilizing services like the Orange Safe mobile app and campus shuttles, which provide free transportation on and around campus, in addition to property safety such as understanding fire and substance (e.g. carbon monoxide, lead and mold) best practices. Visit the Student Living Safety and Transportation webpage to learn more.